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Interesting jobs and projects I’ve had or done

I’ve been very lucky and have had quite a few jobs. I’ve also freelanced a lot and have made interesting projects there as well. I think at least some of them deserve to be shown here.

  • I’ve pushed the company and a lot of people into commiting to learn and improve at msg
  • I’ve ported several various APIs to Node.js to greatly improve performance.
  • I’ve connected cars to internet and helped their drivers pay for fuel without exiting the car.
  • I’ve created a pretty awesome accounting platform.

Note: this list has just been created. It will likely expand.

Actual interesting positions I’ve held follow:

Principal It Consultant - msg systems

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I’m the Web Technologies guy in the Automotive&Manufacturing branch of msg systems ag. I’m mostly working on Frontend tech, by participating in projects, whether as a coach or as a dev or an architect, and I teach a lot.

The most influential thing that I think I’ve achieved here (so far) is created a frontend culture. The department was about 700 people when I got there, and while there were people with awesome skills and frontend experience, a lot of the stuff was new to a lot of the engineers. I’ve been the frontend avocado (it’s how my wife and I jokingly call the “advocate” role) here and I’ve managed to:

  • kick off a series of trainings, I train between 50-150 people a year now,
  • kick off a weekly “Angular Patterns, Tips and Tricks” series as an in-company meetup,
  • kick off a weekly React series on the heels of the first one,
  • kick off a continuous learning initiative, the “Frontend Experts Workshop”, where the people hone their frontend skills, with the companies’ blessing and support.

Quite proud of that. Other things I’ve done may be more technical in nature, but this had the most visible outcome, at least in my eyes, for the department.

Lead Developer at Snakt

I’ve made backend infrastructure to store videos and meta about it and the users, and allowed users to talk to each other with these videos, and then mix and match them together. And then I’ve made a web app for that as well. I’ve felt it was quite cool. Kind of like Vine on steroids. I’ve made several webapps, in fact, mostly small back-office things for managing users, moderation, statistics etc, but also the actual front website for the entire thing. Some of this was made with early betas of Angular 2.

The Backend Guy at ThinxNet

As part of the ThinxNet team, I’ve been developing REST APIs, but also driving tooling, build processes, code quality procedures etc for all things backend, required to connect the cars to internet, get their telemetry over to our (the companies’) databanks, refine and expose that data via APIs to web and mobile apps for the drivers (or owners) of said connected cars to see.

This was a pretty cool project, they are still doing a great job and I think I also made at least a mark back when I was there. Was really hard to leave that job.

JavaScript, Linux, Node.js, Angular Consultant

I’ve been freelancing on and off for more then a decade now, sometimes full time, sometimes as a part-time gig. The things I did were always interesting, for example:

  • created a high-performance Redis-backed query REST API with Node.js
  • created JavaScript widgets and snippets for use with third-party websites
  • ported no less then 3 “APIs” from a PHP spaghetti to a express- or restify-based RESTfull API
  • cleaned up, secured and hardened Linux web servers
  • helped a company of <15 people acquire an entire 17-people-department from a 1000+ employees company and have that company pay us to do it
  • screw up from time to time, sometimes badly.

I’ve been working on more jobs and projects than listed here. For a bit expanded version, my LinkedIn Profile shows more, but I don’t think even that page is exhaustive. It does show a bit more of what I’ve done, though.