Zlatko Đurić

Hi, I'm Zlatko!

Welcome to my site on the web.

At work, I am a software developer and architect with strong focus on JavaScript. I'm also an instructor, trainer, coach and mentor, helping other developers "git gud".

Outside of work, I am also a software developer. But I am also a photographer, and sometimes I write.

A big part of what I am is also a family person, a father to two amazing kids and a beautiful and smart wife.

A photo of Zlatko Đurić

To see what I am doing now, I occassionally update the now page, and if you want to know more about me, check out my curriculum vitae or my contact page, which lists my convencional and "social" contact info.

Current job

I have started a new role in 2023 at Climedo Health. My job is to help the engineering team manage the platform by building more scalable software. I'm a JavaScript expert, with strong focus on Node.js and cloud platforms, and use this expertise to steer the team toward more scalable software and more rugged development process.

Things I like doing

I have a lot of interests, and here are some of them.

Things I've made before

I have a wide spectrum of experiences in my life, mostly in working career. I’ve:

Ask me about any of these for more. Alternatively, you can read more details on these jobs on my LinkedIn profile.